Oper8™ Stops flow of undetected "Red Ink"

With manpower studies showing that the average staff employee wastes 2.8 hours a day, and with small businesses previously forced to use "corporate" software that does not really address small business' needs; Oper8 Small Business Management System may be just the thing your small business needs to quit bleeding in ways you suspect exist, but can't put your finger on.  With Oper8 you can not only put your finger on what it is, but who it is and when it happened.  All this with just a few clicks of a mouse.


Owner Take Back Control


The world has benefited from huge increases in productivity the PC has generated.  But PC's have made it much harder to maintain control of a small business because so much of the companies business resides on various PC's away from the owner's control and personal oversight.  After all, in a small business there are very few managers and mostly workers.  

Oper8 creates a platform where your files are protected, preserved and enhanced so the own and manager can have oversight over everything.  All this from a small change by your employees of handling all the files through Oper8, instead of their PC.